Social justice is the thread that is weaved throughout my life. It sustained my hope as I worked with individuals and families facing overwhelming oppression and injustice in social work and continues today in my ministry. When I went to Boston University for my Master's in Social Work, ethics and anti-racism were individual classes. What has become clear to me over the years is that ethics, anti-oppressive and anti-racism work is an approach to life that is embedded in how we live in the world. It moves beyond just how we act or vote on any particular issue into how we move about in relationships with the entire human race, including ourselves. These opportunities for deepening our faith exist in all moments. Linking our acts of faith in community provides support when the journey is hard and companions in joy and celebration when justice unfolds.

Donna at women's march
picture with MUUF
BCT training picture in Boston 2001
Pride, MUUF photo
First U Auburn, UU, Pride 001 (2)